Supplementary range


Besides basic production program, “Zastava Kamioni” has also an additional program within the company which includes the following:

  • Stampings (sets)

  • Production of mechanical treatment parts

  • Production of cone toothing with spiral teeth on the Gleason system

  • Painting of small parts

  • The production of complete seats for trucks

  • Production of set skeleton loading boxes

  • Production of all types of electrical installations for trucks

  • Production set frame chassis

  • Vehicle overhaul


Beside its basic business activity, namely production of new trucks, “Zastava Kamioni” repairs trucks and special vehicles that have superstructures from its production program in an industrial way. Within industrial overhaul, it is possible to do the following:
  • Panel paint work on the vehicle body

  • Replacement of existing body with a new one

  • Overhaul of the brake installation

  • Overhaul of front axle and rear bridge

  • Repair and replacement of electrical installations

  • Seat upholstering and replacement of other parts of damaged interior

  • General overhaul of engine

  • Other works

By having us implementing industrial overhaul in your vehicle, you get the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction, since these works are conducted at very favorable prices

  • Incorporation of original parts in all assemblies

  • Operations are conducted by our experts as quickly as possible


  • Complex measurement range of a three-dimensional measuring machine x:850mm / y: 1800mm / z: 600mm accuracy  0.5 μm

  • Profiles are controlled by  the profile projector.

  • Vickers hardness testing system (from HVO.2 to HV1, using the according to the SRPS C.A4.040)

  • Determination of the effective depth of the carbon and hardened  steel layer (using the according to the   SRPS C.A2.052)

  • Determination of the effective hardened layer depth-surface hardening (using the according to the SRPS C.A2.053)

  • Determination of the depth of the unalloyed and the low-alloy steel (using the according to the SRPS C.A3.011)

  • Determination of the depth of decarburization of the threads  (using the according to the TU.952605/01)

  • Microscopic method of determination of non-metallic inclusions in steel, the use of reference images (using the according to the SRPS C.A3.013)

  • Microscopic size of the ferrite and austenite grains (using the according to the SRPS C.A3.004)

  • Macroscopic examination of steel  by etching with strong mineral acids (using the according to the SRPS C.A3.015)

  • Determination of microstructure of graphite in cast iron (using the according to the SRPS C.A3.020

  • Determination of microstructure of steel, cast iron and nonferrous metals.

  • Examination of the causes of fracture of materials and parts, ortesting of any anomalies related to the behavior of materials and parts in the production and exploitation processes.

  • Surface protection of metals (cataphoretic lacquering, varnishing and base color painting)

  • Testing the quality of paints and varnishes, sealants, PVC protection:
    - mechanical properties
    - corrosion resistance (wet and salt chamber)

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